Investment Opportunies

Lean Engineering Concepts Inc. Re-Start of company.

We currently do not have a brick and mortar location as we are a RE-Start of an older corporation. I am currently making available 1 million shares of privately held company stocks. I am authorized to sell up to 5 million shares. Join us now by making an Investment in the factory of the Future.


We are currently developing this Company with vision of entering into the world of Additive Manufacturing, Known as 3D printing of Metals, Plastics, Carbons and a variety of other materials to support the Rapid prototyping and manufacturing of the final products in Aerospace systems, Automotive, Housing and Medical service systems.


Web development Service

Lastly we do web site development for those in need of an on-line presence. However this is not the core competency of the company and is Proprietary to company operations.




Whether you need prototyping for your projects old vehicle restoration or Vintage Aircraft or Broken parts that can't be found anymore. In order to support our vision of 3D printing additive manufacturing processes. We have created the online customer support portal 3DAM.online.

This element will allow our company to offer online services to our customers where as they will be able to create an account. That will allow end users to upload there cad model and have a prototype made. Savings in the manufacturing environment can be had upto 80% of the standard processes done today.

Automation of Processes

One of the projects I developed was the Automation of the C-17 fuselage Skin Panel Splices and Frame installations. The picture to the right is half of the automation of the splices.

The total savings of this project, Cost to build and implement was 200 million dollars that created a international partnership that saved 1.3 Billion dollars over the life of the C-17 production contract. I was nominated for The Boeing Company "SILVER EAGLE" awards on this project in 2000.


Next Steps...

Should you be a prospective customer or investor please by all means contact us number one call to action,