Welcome to our Gallery of Thought!

We are planning with proper funding to be a leading Research and Development Company. Funding for the exciting plan we have ahead to build one of the Largest World Class Additive Manufacturing Plant.

As we seek this funding to build the Largest World Class Additive Manufacturing Plant. Thinking and Discovering New Concepts in Aerospace Systems. Space Travel, Propulsion Systems and Food Management systems is what we are all about.

I Believe we will need to manufacture large Sub Assemblies' that could be 3D printed in Orbit with 3D printing Satellite's a process that is barely conceivable at this time and a Vision that should be pursued.  Watch some cool videos 3D printing and the world of Additive Manufacturing and some other videos some may seem a little out there. But...think about it

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There are several different videos of different concepts of Space Travel and other AMAZING thoughts for entertainment only.

Our focus is on 3D Additive Manufacturing and how this will be a HUGE part of the expansion of Space Travel.

History and development of ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING.

The Future of Space Travel will depend on building Spacecraft in Outer Space and that is not comprehensible at this time but, we and many others are working on it. We have a different perspective Than Mainstream Aerospace Company's...Watch some of the videos in our Gallery of Thought. Remember where you heard it...

D Kilgore