Mission Statement

Our Mission at Lean Engineering Concepts Inc. is to provide a zero defect “First Time Quality Product” to our Aerospace and Automotive Customers and Partners by Incorporating Lean Practices Principles in to each product utilizing 3D Additive Manufacturing Processes and Technology to produce “Environmentally Safe” almost “Zero Waist Manufacturing Systems” that deliver High Quality products with shorter lead and turn around times, on time or ON DEMAND to our external customers at reduced cost that meet or exceed our customers and partners expectations.

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Investors / Risk Partners Wanted

Lean Engineering Concepts Inc. is a California "C" corporation that is seeking funding from private investors and Risk sharing partners to help bring this project to RE-Start this company and bring it to fruition. Potential investors may contact me privately. I expect large and very large investors to be willing to participate as executives and board members and have above average experience and knowledge in this field.


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3D Metal Printing

Got new ideas but no way to prove your theory. We can prototype a model for you. The way to go is 3d printing Prototyping and rapid Additive Manufacturing.

No matter what your requirement is Old Aircraft Replacement parts or parts that are obsolete or just don't exist anymore. You can have it made by 3D metal printing. Restoring grandpa's old Hot Rod? Maybe a medical device. We plan on be able explore and to support all areas of Additive Manufacturing.

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Since 1993

Advanced Manufacturing

Lean Engineering Concepts Inc.

Additive Manufacturing “3D Metal Printing”

A “Revolution” in Manufacturing is going on around the World. Thinking “Lean and Green” a shift from “Subtractive Manufacturing” to “Additive Manufacturing” at very a Rapid Pace. Additive Manufacturing can save 80% of the cost of conventional manufacturing processes. Additive Manufacturing is Environmentally Safe, supports zero defect first time quality, quick turn around times and shorter or no Lead times On Demand service “Subtractive Manufacturing.” Well we all know…..

The focus of entry to this NEW Market space would be the Aerospace Systems Manufacturing markets leading into other markets such as the Automotive, Medical and others. Proper funding would guarantee entry in this space by building a world class Additive Manufacturing Plant to support Very Large and Small Metal Projects by contracted customers from .025 inches up to 15 feet x 8 feet x 4 feet or parts up to 96” in Diameter.

Demand for these services is growing a 1000% every year and Lean Engineering Concepts Inc. intends to capture a large percentage of this new and developing Market Space.



Next Steps...

For more information on investing in Lean Engineering Concepts Inc. We are just getting together now is the time to call us.