Past Projects


Over the past twenty years I have been involved in many projects of automation and inventions. Some never went any where and some made money for a while.  I have had Provisional patents on 3D Food printing Micro wave.

Thanks to Google free images and some folks there.

The rotating pictures to the left and through out this site are some views of aircraft that I have worked on over the last 40 years. Having been in the aerospace business for over 40 years. I have been involved in many projects ranging from initial production line start-ups to production line phase-outs.
Military T-38, F-5 models E, F, G Tiger II, F-18 A C,D,E ER, B1B, C-17. Commercial Projects DC-9 series 80, 747 -100, 747-200, (747 SP carries SPACE SHUTTLE) , 757 T1 & T2



As an employee of the Boeing company for over twenty years I learned to do a lot of cool and expensive projects. This ring riveter to the left here was a 200 million dollar project. That saved over 1.3 billion dollars over the life of the C-17 project. I also made an attempt to automate Liaison Engineering with my project that was supported by The Boeing CII division project #210 E-DISPO.