I have a business plan....

This is my Elevator Speech and plan outline.

The Future of Space Travel will depend on building Spacecraft in Outer Space and that is not comprehensible at this time but we are working on it...To get there we have to do this first...

I’m stressing in an elevator anxious to meet the new prospect for funding. Thinking to myself…. Out of nowhere I blurt-out the following, “Man where can I scrape up a couple million bucks to start this new project”? Not paying any prior attention to the guy next to me. He say’s

Couple million bucks!   WHAT FOR? I say…

“I want to build the World Largest World Class Additive Manufacturing Plant”.

What's that? He asks.

A Factory of the future that 3D prints anything out of metal, plastics, metal powders, resins and other materials too. To make extremely High Quality parts for Aerospace Systems and other industries for about 80% lower cost.

WOW! https://leanengineeringconcepts.com

PROBLEM: Subtractive Manufacturing Processes, High cost to product, Labor Intensive, Long Lead times, “TOXIC” Waste Management programs, Extensive Maintenance Requirements, Global Networking, Large Workforces.

SOLUTION: Change the Paradigm on Manufacturing Processes in America to Additive Manufacturing 3D printing.

Large World Class Additive Manufacturing Plant by Lean Engineering Concepts Inc. Strategically located.

PLAN: Build the Worlds Largest World Class Additive Manufacturing Plant in USA


About the Company...

Daniel L Kilgore: A NON-SALARY Founder/President/CEO


Lean Engineering Concepts Inc. is a technology based Research & Development and Manufacturing company whose core is “3D Printing Additive Manufacturing”. The operations will focus on Computer Aided Design (CAD) integrated to Rapid Prototyping and Fabrication of sophisticated complex parts and products. Prospective customers will be able to access “on line” services to transform designs to prototypes as well as cost effective sort run production parts.

The state-of-the art process develops solid objects directly from three dimensional model data by layered printing of materials to exact tolerances. The traditional cumbersome methods of fabrication, such as, forming, casting, machining are eliminated due to   obsolete and time consuming sequences.   Materials include, but are not limited to polymers and metals.

We are seeking to raise 40 Million dollars over 5 yrs. Through INVESTORS and RISK sharing partners to "RESTART" the corporation: Lean Engineering Concepts Inc. A California C Corporation.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission at Lean Engineering Concepts Inc. is to provide a zero defect “First Time Quality Products” to our Aerospace and Automotive Customers by Incorporating Lean Practices Principles in to each product utilizing 3D Additive Manufacturing Processes and Technology to produce “Environmentally Safe” almost “Zero Waist” Manufacturing Systems” that deliver High Quality products with shorter lead and turn around times at reduced cost that meet or exceed our customers and partners expectations. more info www.leanengineeringconcepts.com

Potential Customer Base: Defense Dept. Aerospace Systems Manufactures. US Armed Forces, NASA, The Boeing Company, Northrop/Grumman, General Dynamics, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Airbus, Vought. Our customer base shall also include Automobile Industry, Vintage Aircraft and Vintage Automobile Restoration and others.

Planning stage to restart Lean Engineering Concepts Inc.

Cost of restart. Raise 250K Increase amount of common shares to 50m.

Change Business Model to "Factory of the Future" Additive Manufacturing Developer.

Build 5 yr business plan help from groups.

Raise 10 million dollars for startup funding. Through the sales of privately traded command stock. We are looking for Risk Sharing Partners to support 40 million dollar investment in the first 5 yrs leading to a back log of orders in excess of 500 Million dollars.

Create Board of Directors (largest investors/partners COO, CFO, CTO)

COST First facility location L.A. SoCal California area. (Purchase >$2m 20% dn) $400k 100,000sft min.

Develop Partnership Sciaky Inc. EBAM300 (1) @ $1.million with options for 2 and setups with 6.mos support. Total $2 mill. Max

Develop a partnership DMG MORI. Laser tech 30 2 @ $333K each and 2 DMC160 duoBLOCKS and pallet systems Total $3 million.

Purchase 12 Commercial 3d printers for online prototying services and interphase enterprise network installations and services. $750K

Develop Quality Assurance Shop @ $1.million Additive Manufacturing inspection equipment and standarization of proecesses AS9001, 9002 certifications and required permitts.

Work to develop online services at 3DAM.online. Work to develop partnerships with major aerospace systems manufacturers.

Operating Funds for 36 months for employee startup saleries $1.5million.“MY”expence account “NO SALARLY” @ 5K per month , utilities $100k per.month 3million over 36months, unexpected and expected permitting bldg facility maintenace $250k.

Create VALUE CHAIN of PARTNERS Purchase Startup Main Equipment and Facility Support Equipment and projected operating capital for first 2yrs (Funding 4million).

Build development Team Establish Certification Requirements and Processes for AS9001D 2yrs. Develop Customer Order backlog 1 Billion in 5 yrs. Setup for PUBLIC IPO.

Competition: Additive Manufacturing is revolutionizing the world of Manufacturing processes at an extremely fast pace mostly in the development of bigger, faster, better 3D printing devises in metal and plastics. However Manufactures are racing to change their processes. GE Aerospace The Boeing Company and others are experimenting with Additive Manufacturing Technologies and doing great things in this market that will soon be very competitive space. But we will provide sub-contract suppliers services to them as well.

Advantage: The advantage of Lean Engineering Concepts Inc. is the innovative vision and expertise of the Founder and Chief Executive Officer… Dan Kilgore Aerospace companies have invested Hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars in my IDEAS.

Recipient of (2) Silver Eagle Awards from the Boeing Company My valuable connections in the industries. 35 years of proved Team building and personal hands on involvement in the development of Commercial and Military Aerospace Manufacturing Systems and Training in LEAN practices and principles is unmatched. Retired from The Boeing Company. Trained through out life by companies like Northrop, Rockwell International, The Boeing Company, McDonnell Douglas, LTV Vought Aerospace.

In support of our 3D Additive Manufacturing plan we have secured a online portal www.3DAM.online for registered customers to be able to upload a CAD design to our 3D printers and create a prototype of their project for a set fee prior the master run of said project also for set fee to be determined through price negotiation's based on materials and time of use.

Our point of entry into The Additive Manufacturing Market would be through the home-based plant location. Revenues from offering 3D printed services to the local community. A public access to 3D prototyping and 3D prototyping online services thru our www.3DAM.online web portal leading to a master model for a fee and production per unit at a fee.

These services will allow the ordinary “JOE” Hobbyist or small manufacture to create a prototype model and perfecting it prior to a production run. We will also provide “PRODUCTION” services to who ever wish these services creating a revenue flow.

Forward Looking Statements

First entry in to the Aerospace Systems manufacturers market would be through The Boeing Company's Vendor process by applying for "Bronze" level Vendor Supplier. where we will offer our services to 3D print A/C parts. The key to become a Boeing supplier is to be ISO 9000 certified which we plan to be within 2 years of operational activities. Once we become a Bronze level vendor doors will open to more opportunities as we progress upwards to a "Gold" level supplier.

Our second, Third and Forth avenues for entry into this market would be submitting to the same process level vendor status with Northrop/Grumman, Lockheed Aerospace, Airbus Aerospace and other aircraft manufactures.

Our 3DAM.online web portal will be opportunity to gain market share of the 3d online market where advanced users can create an account and upload cad models of there own run a 3d printed prototype on our unique setup of online 3d printers, for a fee depending on complexity and consumption of material used.

Community Responsibility:   Our community awareness programs will help fulfill our community responsibilities, Lean Engineering Concepts shall be dedicated to help and support the local medical community with free services for disabled children and disabled Veterans in the form of 3D printed prosthetics and other assistive devices.

About The Founder:   Having been in the aerospace systems business for over 40 years. I have been involved in many projects both Military and Commercial Aircraft ranging from Development to initial production line start-ups to production line phase-outs. Formally A Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Consultant firm. Training Facilitations and Process Engineering Improvements and Coaching. Over 30 years of training in AS9100 First Article Quality Standards ISO 9001 Training, Leading and developing certified self directed work forces. Belgrade stage 5 certifications, Lean Manufacturing, Value stream mapping, Kaizan, 5S, poka-yoke, Statistical Analysis and Process Control, Process Surveillance, Process Based Management, Six Sigma Automation, Server Administration and Data Base development

Awards: The Boeing Company's Prestigious "SILVER EAGLE" awards  As a member of four separate teams at Boeing Long Beach C-17 that were nominated in 2000 for the Prestigious Boeing “Silver Eagle” awards I have received Two “Silver Eagle” awards from the Boeing Company (1) For the structural redesign of the C-17 Fillet formers to a monolithic automated machine process. (2) Was for the development of Safety Procedures in the Final Assembly area of the C-17 air lifter that led to an 80% reduction in injuries. 3rd Nomination.. Was for my AUTOMATION of the C-17 Fuselage Skin Splices and Frame Installations a $200 million dollar project that saved 1.3 billion over the life of the project. The 4th was for my role in the development of the C-17 OBIGGS System (On Board Inert Gas Generating System) I have received over 150 cash awards from the Northrop/Grumman on the F-18A project for engineering changes to aircraft.

Thanks, Dan Kilgore